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The designs cataloged in the collection faceting diagrams fall into two basic categories: "Closed" and "Open" designs.

Open Designs

The Open designs on this Site have faceting diagrams with cutting angles that can be viewed and printed using a web browser. They may also include a downloadable CAD files. The term "Open" does not mean the same as the term "public domain." If You download a CAD file from the Site, edit it, and then save it, please preserve as much reference information in the file as practical. If You make changes to the cutting order or add a preform, please share a copy with the Site. Unless otherwise specified, each designer or agent retains the copyright to his or her designs. Designs downloaded from the Site may not be sold or included in another collection for sale. Permission is granted to nonprofit orgainizations, clubs, and educational institutions to republish designs downloaded from the Site provided they include attribution "Downloaded from www.facetdiagrams.org" and preserve the reference information. Gemstones cut from Open designs can be sold without any restriction.

Closed Designs

Closed designs have been cataloged on the Site for the purposes of education and reference. For cutting instructions, please see the referenced publication. The images of the Closed designs may be viewed by You at the Site but may not be archived, copied, or redistributed in any form.

If you are the designer or copyright holder of a Closed design and you would like it instead to be Open, please contact the Site.

If You are the designer or copyright holder and do not believe the use of your design on this Site is a fair use as permitted under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), please inform the administrator as required in the Act.

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